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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The mixing of passive and non-passive resultative adjectives in PolishCetnarowska, Bożena
2013The occurrence of zero-derived nouns in the English verbo-nominal "have a N" constructionCetnarowska, Bożena
2013The representational approach to adjectiveplacement in PolishCetnarowska, Bożena
1993The syntax, semantics and derivation of bare nominalisations in EnglishCetnarowska, Bożena
2018Vagueness of qualitative denominal adjectives in EnglishCetnarowska, Bożena
2018"Women pilots, pilot girls, aviatrices", and their equivalents in the Polish languages : on gender marking in English and PolishCetnarowska, Bożena
2020“X, not Y” construction, copular clauses and expressive NN juxtapositions in PolishCetnarowska, Bożena