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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Ethnically different Mothers-in-Law in Chaucer's "Man of Law's Tale" and Its 2003 BBC adaptationCzarnowus, Anna
2015Françoise Lionnet, “Écritures féminines et dialogues critiques. Subjectivité, genre et ironie/Writing Women and Critical Dialogues. Subjectivity, Gender and Irony,” L’Atelier d’écriture, La Pelouse, Trou d’Eau Douce, Île Maurice, 315 p., ISBN 99903-36-68-7Czarnowus, Anna
2010Girlhood, Disability, and Liminality in Barbara Gowdy's "Mister Sandman"Czarnowus, Anna
2008Graceful Pre-Raphaelites and Pre-Raphaelite Grace : Victorian visual arts in Margaret Atwood’s "Alias Grace"Czarnowus, Anna
2018Greening the Anglo-Saxons in Paul Kingsnorth’s "The Wake"Czarnowus, Anna
2014“Ich mot wende in mi way”: The Construction of Masculinity through Travelling in Le Pèlérinage de Charlemagne and the Stanzaic Guy of WarwickCzarnowus, Anna
2009Inscription on the Body: monstrous Children in Middle English LiteratureCzarnowus, Anna
2014Margaret Atwood's gendered pasts in "Moral Disorder"Czarnowus, Anna
2005Pearl's body : spotting an identityCzarnowus, Anna
2012The holy and the unholy in Chaucer's "Squire's Tale"Czarnowus, Anna
2005The politics and poetics of laughter in "De la Bourgoise d'Orliens and Dame Sirith"Czarnowus, Anna
2017Trześniewska Agnieszka, Dariusz Piechota (eds.) : Ekomodernizmy. Lublin 2016 (language of publication : Polish, paperback, 174 pages) - recenzjaCzarnowus, Anna