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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of CMSX-4 single-crystalline turbine blades root by electron and X-Ray diffraction methodsKrawczyk, Jacek; Zubko, Maciej; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Tondos, A.; Sieniawski, J.
2016Characterization of casting defects in the single crystal turbine blade airfoilAlbrecht, Robert; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Sieniawski, J.; Kubiak, K.
2016Crystal perfection studies of single crystal superalloy turbine blades by X-Ray diffraction methodsGancarczyk, K.; Albrecht, Robert; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Sieniawski, J.
2019Defect Creation in the Root of Single-Crystalline Turbine Blades Made of Ni-Based SuperalloyKrawczyk, Jacek; Paszkowski, Robert; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Hanc-Kuczkowska, Aneta; Sieniawski, Jan; Terlecki, Bartosz
2016Dendrite growth in selector-root area of single crystal CMSX-4 turbine bladesBogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Tondos, A.; Krawczyk, Jacek; Albrecht, Robert; Sieniawski, J.
2016Effect of creep on crystallographic orientation in single crystal superalloyAlbrecht, Robert; Rak, Jan; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Gancarczyk, K.; Sieniawski, J.; Kubiak, K.; Lelątko, Józef
2014Evolution of the beta Phase Flux Dissolution during Quasicrystal FormationSurowiec, Marian; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Sozańska, M.
2014Growth of large SbSI crystalsSzperlich, Piotr; Toroń, Bartłomiej; Nowak, Marian; Jesionek, Marcin; Kępińska, Mirosława; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz
2018Influence of Heat Treatment on Defect Structures in Single-Crystalline Blade Roots Studied by X-ray Topography and Positron Annihilation Lifetime SpectroscopyKrawczyk, Jacek; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Hanc-Kuczkowska, Aneta; Tondos, Anna; Sieniawski, Jan
2016Mould walls inclination and dendritic morphology of CMSX-4 blades airfoilsKrawczyk, Jacek; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Sieniawski, J.; Kubiak, K.
2019Primary crystal orientation of the thin-walled area of single-crystalline turbine blade airfoilsBogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Krawczyk, Jacek; Paszkowski, Robert; Sieniawski, Jan
2014Surface Decorations of Al-Cu-Fe and Al-Cu-Co Single QuasicrystalsSurowiec, Marian; Bogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Krawczyk, Jacek; Sozańska, M.
2019Variation of crystal orientation and dendrite array generated in the root of SX turbine bladesBogdanowicz, Włodzimierz; Krawczyk, Jacek; Paszkowski, Robert; Sieniawski, Jan