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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Dipole Relaxation in Semiconducting Zn2−xMgxInV3O11 Materials (Where x = 0.0, 0.4, 1.0, 1.6, and 2.0)Groń, Tadeusz; Bosacka, Monika; Filipek, Elżbieta; Pawlus, Sebastian; Nowok, Andrzej; Sawicki, Bogdan; Duda, Henryk; Goraus, Jerzy
2018“DistorX” program for analysis of structural distortions affecting X-ray diffraction patternsKalinowski, Lech; Goraus, Jerzy; Ślebarski, Andrzej
2016Electronic structure of TmPdInPenc, B.; Kurleto, R.; Goraus, Jerzy; Starowicz, P.; Szytuła, A.
2019Influence of crystallite size on the magnetic order in semiconducting ZnCr2Se4 nanoparticlesMalicka, Ewa; Karolus, Małgorzata; Groń, Tadeusz; Gudwański, Adrian; Ślebarski, Andrzej; Goraus, Jerzy; Oboz, Monika; Sawicki, Bogdan; Panek, Joanna
2012Lanthanide Contraction in RENi 5 (RE = La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Yb) compounds studied with band structure calculationsGoraus, Jerzy; Maślankiewicz, Paweł
2016Mulliken occupation as the indicator of transition to superconducting state in SrFe2As2 and BaFe2As2Goraus, Jerzy
2012Specific heat and magnetic properties of single-crystalline (Zn0.925In0.054)[Cr1.84In0.152]Se-4 semiconductorMalicka, Ewa; Groń, Tadeusz; Pacyna, A.; Ślebarski, Andrzej; Goraus, Jerzy; Gagor, A.; Mydlarz, T.
2019Studies of electronic structure across a quantum phase transition in CeRhSb1−xSnxKurleto, Rafał; Goraus, Jerzy; Rosmus, Marcin; Ślebarski, Andrzej; Starowicz, Paweł
2018The effective increase in atomic scale disorder by doping and superconductivity in Ca3Rh4Sn13Ślebarski, Andrzej; Zajdel, Paweł; Fijałkowski, Marcin; Maśka, Maciej M.; Witas, Piotr; Goraus, Jerzy; Fang, Y.; Arnold, D.C.; Maple, M.B.
2022The Zn1−xPbxCr2Se4-Single Crystals Obtained by Chemical Vapour Transport-Structure and Magnetic, Electrical, and Thermal PropertiesJendrzejewska, Izabela; Groń, Tadeusz; Kusz, Joachim; Stokłosa, Zbigniew; Pietrasik, Ewa; Goryczka, Tomasz; Sawicki, Bogdan; Goraus, Jerzy; Jampilek, Josef; Duda, Henryk; Witkowska-Kita, Beata
2018Thermoelectric properties of Ca2Sn/Ca3SnOKalinowski, Lech; Fijałkowski, Marcin; Goraus, Jerzy
2016Thermoelectric properties of heavy fermion compound Ce3Co4Sn13Witas, Piotr; Kalinowski, Lech; Goraus, Jerzy; Fijałkowski, Marcin; Ślebarski, Andrzej
2014Valence band of Ce2Co0.8Si3.2 and Ce2RhSi3 studied by resonant photoemission spectroscopy and FPLO calculationsStarowicz, P.; Kurleto, R.; Goraus, Jerzy; Walczak, L.; Penc, B.; Adell, J.; Szlawska, M.; Kaczorowski, D.; Szytula, A.