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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Compression-Induced Phase Transitions of BicalutamideSzafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kurek, Mateusz; Szefer, Ewa; Gawlak, Karolina; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Peralta, Sebastian; Niwiński, Krzysztof; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Paluch, Marian; Jachowicz, Renata
2018Enhanced pharmacological efficacy of sumatriptan due to modification of its physicochemical properties by inclusion in selected cyclodextrinsPaczkowska, Magdalena; Mizera, Mikołaj; Sałat, Kinga; Furgała, Anna; Popik, Piotr; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Paluch, Marian; Krause, Anna; Szymanowska-Powałowska, Daria; Fojud, Zbigniew; Kozak, Maciej; Cielecka-Piontek, Judyta
2020Enhancement of the Physical Stability of Amorphous Sildenafil in a Binary Mixture, with either a Plasticizing or Antiplasticizing CompoundKnapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Pacułt, Justyna; Bialek, Klaudia; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2017Experimental evidence of high pressure decoupling between charge transport and structural dynamics in a protic ionic glass-formerWojnarowska, Żaneta; Rams-Baron, Marzena; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Połatyńska, A.; Pochylski, M.; Paluch, Marian; Gapiński, J.; Patkowski, A.; Włodarczyk, P.
2021High-Pressure Dielectric Studies—a Way to Experimentally Determine the Solubility of a Drug in the Polymer Matrix at Low TemperaturesChmiel, Krzysztof; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kamińska, Ewa; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2022How Does Long-Term Storage Influence the Physical Stability and Dissolution of Bicalutamide from Solid Dispersions and Minitablets?Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kurek, Mateusz; Gawlak, Karolina; Paluch, Marian; Jachimowicz, Renata
2021How does the addition of Kollidon®VA64 inhibit the recrystallization and improve ezetimibe dissolution from amorphous solid dispersions?Szafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Kurek, Mateusz; Gawlak, Karolina; Górska, Anna; Peralta, Sebastian; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kramarczyk, Daniel; Paluch, Marian; Jachowicz, Renata
2020How Does the CO2 in Supercritical State Affect the Properties of Drug-Polymer Systems, Dissolution Performance and Characteristics of Tablets Containing Bicalutamide?Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kurek, Mateusz; Gawlak, Karolina; Danesi, Vittorio P.; Paluch, Marian; Jachowicz, Renata
2021How to obtain the maximum properties flexibility of 3d printed ketoprofen tablets using only one drug-loaded filament?Pyteraf, Jolanta; Jamróz, Witold; Kurek, Mateusz; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Kramarczyk, Daniel; Jurkiewicz, Karolina; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Tarasiuk, Jacek; Wroński, Sebastian; Paluch, Marian; Jachowicz, Renata
2020Importance of Mesoporous Silica Particle Size in the Stabilization of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals - The Case of SimvastatinKnapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kramarczyk, Daniel; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Romanova, Jana; Kawakami, Kohsaku; Paluch, Marian
2022Inhibition of celecoxib crystallization by mesoporous silica - molecular dynamics studies leading to the discovery of the stabilization originKramarczyk, Danel; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Smolka, Wojciech; Monteneiro, Maria Ferreira; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2020Isochronal conditions - the key to maintain the given solubility limit, of a small molecule within the polymer matrix, at elevated pressureChmiel, Krzysztof; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Paluch, Marian
2018Molecular Disorder of Bicalutamide - Amorphous Solid Dispersions Obtained by Solvent MethodsSzafraniec, Joanna; Antosik, Agata; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Gawlak, Karolina; Kurek, Mateusz; Szlęk, Jakub; Paluch, Marian; Jamróz, Witold; Jachowicz, Renata
2020Molecular dynamics and physical stability of ibuprofen in binary mixtures with an acetylated derivative of maltoseGrzybowska, Katarzyna; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Woyna-Orlewicz, K.; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, J.; Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Jachowicz, R.; Kowalska-Szojda, Katarzyna; Lodowski, Piotr; Paluch, Marian
2020Molecular relaxations in supercooled liquid and glassy states of amorphous gambogic acid: Dielectric spectroscopy, calorimetry, and theoretical approachPhan, Anh D.; Thi Thu Thuy, Tran; Thi Kim An, Nguyen; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Paluch, Marian; Wakabayashi, Katsunori
2020Multivariate design of 3D printed immediate-release tablets with liquid crystal-forming drug - itraconazoleJamróz, Witold; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, Joanna; Jurkiewicz, Karolina; Leszczyński, Bartosz; Paluch, Marian; Pyteraf, Jolanta; Kurek, Mateusz; Wróbel, Andrzej; Jachowicz, Renata
2017New limits of secondary β-relaxationTripathy, Satya N.; Rams-Baron, Marzena; Wojnarowska, Żaneta; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Paluch, Marian
2019Physical Stability and Viscoelastic Properties of Co-Amorphous Ezetimibe/Simvastatin SystemKnapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Jurkiewicz, Karolina; Correia, Natalia T.; Sawicki, Wiesław; Paluch, Marian
2020Pressure-assisted solvent- and catalyst-free production of well-defined poly(1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) for biomedical applicationsMaksym, Paulina; Tarnacka, Magdalena; Heczko, Dawid; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Mielańczyk, Anna; Bernat, Roksana; Garbacz, Grzegorz; Kamiński, Kamil; Paluch, Marian
2021Ternary eutectic ezetimibe-simvastatin-fenofibrate system and the physical stability of Its amorphous formKnapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kramarczyk, Daniel; Jurkiewicz, Karolina; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Paluch, Marian