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Tytuł: Zastosowanie metod komputerowych w nauczaniu fizyki
Autor: Binek, Sławomir
Promotor: Zioło, Jerzy
Jarosz, Jerzy
Słowa kluczowe: nauczanie wspomagane komputerowo; piloty interaktywne; EduPython; fizyka - nauczanie
Data wydania: 2018
Wydawca: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstrakt: The educational tools presented in the paper, such as calculation methods and EduPython application, share some features which are very significant from the educational point of view. They let us individualize the process of teaching. They are interactive because they predispose immediate feedback and facilitate its creation. They make a lesson more attractive and this way they create positive attitude to physics lessons. What is more, the fact that we can combine them with experiments in a very smooth and natural way seems to be even more important factor. Planning, conducting and analysing an experiment can go hand in hand with the computerised methods. The examples presented in the paper proved the can even mutually supportive. The possibilities that computers give us are not limited performing calculations and obtaining results. They also let us create their graphical representation. This significantly raises the importance of computerised methods in modern methodology. All the more so, there are many different ways of creating computer visualisations of calculations' results, from simple histograms to very advanced simulations. In addition, they can be created abreast during a lesson. That means, they can be an essential component of feedback. The paper contains a description and results of the research. They confirm the effectiveness of presented methods and tools.
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