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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Appraisal systems in teacher training : focus on critical incidents (CI)Gabryś-Barker, Danuta
2005Aspects of multilingual storage, processing and retrievalGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2001Association network(s) in a multilingual mindGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2019Cognitive and affective dimensions of foreign language learning environments: a Polish-Turkish comparative studyGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2013Critical incidents in multilingual language learning : content focusGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2011Emotional literacy at the heart of the school ethos [recenzja]Gabryś-Barker, Danuta
2012Explaining affectivity in second/foreign language learningGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2011Introducing action research in the foreign language classroomGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2011Introspection in research on foreign language teaching and learningGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2018[Katarzyna Ożańska-Ponikwia, Personality and Emotional Intelligence in Second Language Learning. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5275-0915-3, 146 pages]Gabryś-Barker, Danuta
2009Learners' perceptions on note taking processesGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2012Nabywanie języków trzecich i kolejnych oraz wielojęzyczność. Aspekty psycholingwistyczne (i inne) [recenzja]Gabryś-Barker, Danuta
2017Nauczyciele języków obcych : konteksty pracy, kształcenie, doskonalenie - recenzjaGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2009New to self-reflection and self-evaluation : novice teachers as diary writersGabryś-Barker, Danuta
2016PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam
2017PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam
2016PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam
2019PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam
2017PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam
2018PrefaceGabryś-Barker, Danuta; Wojtaszek, Adam