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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparative analysis of proteins that accumulate during the initial stage of root hair development in barley root hair mutants and their parent varietiesJaniak, Agnieszka; Pióro, Stanisław; Matros, Andrea; Mock, Hans-Peter; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Chmielewska, Beata; Szarejko, Iwona
2013Automatic analysis of 2D polyacrylamide gels in the diagnosis of DNA polymorphismsKoprowski, Robert; Wróbel, Zygmunt; Korzyńska, Anna; Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław
2013Comet-FISH for the evaluation of plant DNA damage after mutagenic treatmentsKwaśniewska, Jolanta; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław
2016Cytomolecular analysis of ribosomal DNA evolution in a natural allotetraploid brachypodium hybridum and its putative ancestors - dissecting complex repetitive structure of intergenic spacersBorowska-Żuchowska, Natalia; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Hasterok, Robert
2012Development of microsatellite markers using pyrosequencing in Galium trifidum (Rubiaceae), a rare species in central EuropeSzczecińska, Monika; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Sawicki, Jakub; Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Szandar, Kamil; Pisarek, Włodzimierz
2018Forward Genetics Approach Reveals a Mutation in bHLH Transcription Factor-Encoding Gene as the Best Candidate for the Root Hairless Phenotype in BarleyGajewska, Patrycja; Janiak, Agnieszka; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Kędziorski, Piotr; Szarejko, Iwona
2012Isolation and characterization of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) Markers from the moss genus Orthotrichum using a small throughput pyrosequencing machineSawicki, Jakub; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Szczecińska, Monika; Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Milewicz, Monika; Plášek, Vítězslav
2017Methylation Sensitive Amplification Polymorphism Sequencing (MSAP-Seq) - A Method for High-Throughput Analysis of Differentially Methylated CCGG Sites in Plants with Large GenomesChwiałkowska, Karolina; Korotko, Urszula; Kosińska, Joanna; Szarejko, Iwona; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław
2018No time to waste : transcriptome study reveals that drought tolerance in barley may be attributed to stressed-like expression patterns that exist before the occurrence of stressJaniak, Agnieszka; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Sowa, Marta; Gajek, Katarzyna; Żmuda, Katarzyna; Kościelniak, Janusz; Szarejko, Iwona
2008QuantPrime - a flexible tool for reliable high-throughput primer design for quantitative PCRArvidsson, Samuel; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Riaño-Pachón, Diego Mauricio; Mueller-Roeber, Bernd
2013Stimulatory Effect of Xenobiotics on Oxidative Electron Transport of Chemolithotrophic Nitrifying Bacteria Used as Biosensing ElementWoźnica, Andrzej; Nowak, A.; Ziemski, Przemysław; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław; Bernaś, Tytus
2016Transcriptome analysis reveals the role of the root hairs as environmental sensors to maintain plant functions under water-deficiency conditionsKwaśniewski, Mirosław; Daszkowska-Golec, Agata; Janiak, Agnieszka; Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Nowakowska, Urszula; Sablok, Gaurav; Szarejko, Iwona
2016Water-deficiency conditions differently modulate the methylome of roots and leaves in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Chwiałkowska, Karolina; Nowakowska, Urszula; Mroziewicz, Anna; Szarejko, Iwona; Kwaśniewski, Mirosław